Redesigning FIAT website


The aim of this project is to create a website for Fiat car company.

Fiat is the seventh largest car company in the world. Fiat’s main market is European one, mainly focused in Italy. Fiat is European leader for the production compact cars, by definition the most environment-friendly. Company is in a tough small-car market dominated by big competitors such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, MINI, Ford, Volkswagen, Renault. Fiat has various brands associated with it like Ferrari, Masserati, Alpha Romeo.



Main Fiat competitors are Mini, Renault, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and Ford. It’s not easy to compare web sites of car brands. They have a lot of experience and did a big work to optimize webpage based on what costumers are searching and match up with their needs. All web pages has approximately same features and information as prices, used cars, about, dealers, test drive booking and so on. Main Fiat target group is young people from upper-middle class so introducing brand into the market is much more complex with media today. We compared features which can be important for media users and can get more attention of new customers and undecided shoppers.


Fiat company already made a research and noticed that approximately half of all searches for automotive-related content came from a mobile device last year and by next year, more people are expected to search on mobile than on desktop. What we noticed that they don’t have a responsive website as many other competitors what makes difficult to use for a mobile user.


Some competitors (Mini. Toyota and Nissan) have apps where you can browse at your leisure and discover much more about the company, allows to book a parking spot from their dash and helps get the most information about vehicle. Nissan has an app where you can calculate the savings user could make. For Fiat as an urban car company it would be a great idea to have an app as well.


Brand matrix

With the brand matrix we can guide discussions and establish clear direction. It shows a position among competitors. We determined two design attributes to focus on: trendy and affordable.






Target group:

They are attempting to appeal to a female-based market due to the petite structure of the car, but also to the male audience – economy-minded young men who are looking for fuel-efficient small cars that are well-suited for the tight parking spaces of a crowded city. However, they have had much more difficulty appealing to a male market.

As the target group are young executives from the upper-middle income bracket, they belong to a modern segment. (gallup kompas)

Consumer personas

The most important reason to create personas is to set a common understand of the final user. So that a coherent strategy is defined that will result in a product/service that is user oriented and meet the user goals.


persona.jpgOur sitemap




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