Behance 2017. New Design

Behance 2017. New Design

new design behan


For those who are constantly searching for inspiration, Behance is amazing website to check out!

From illustrations to high quality website designs. It’s a place where creatives are gathering and sharing their projects, getting involved with community or even increasing chances by getting a job.

Recently Behance has updated their design! It’s a big news, because when the website like this changes design, that means it’s something to follow and it might affect future trends, since millions of web design projects are live on Behance.


So what’s new on this page?

Let’s take a look at the old design and compare to the new one.





new design behan

First of all it’s a significant change of menu! Colors and layout are still the same, but buttons, typography, fonts and some of the features has changed.

-More information on the right side. Only logo on the left.


-Less text on the middle menu. Instead of my portfolio we have profile and we can create projects immediately without entering more sections from drop down menu.

-New shape. No more squares, only round corners. In 2017 it’s a new trend if we talk about web design. I’ve seen a lot of freshly redesigned websites with this shape in their selection. It’s must-have this year!

-Font. More bold, visible. There is also less sharp corners. Normal bold goes with normal thickness. No more small, light text. This years is going to be soft.





So it’s just a few new features of Behance new design. You should definitely need to visit this page and decide if you like this design or not! New trends are upcoming!




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