Portfolio concept

Portfolio concept


It’s a beautiful august, 2016 (let’s get back in time) afternoon and I wanted to show you my project for the friend, who wants to start new chapter with brand-new portfolio.


I received many photos, paintings, graphic works and have decided to combine them together and make unique portfolio concept.Since photoshop is always opened in my computer, that was a simple task for me. So let’s take a look!

I have started with this simple image. It was a background on the main page for the portfolio.



Then little bit of magic and drum roll…this what we get after working for a while with this picture. I have made social media icons in the corner and simple menu in the middle of the left side. This picture or logo you can say, gives lovely feeling and portfolio first page looks much better than just a blank one.


portfolio 1st page


Now we can move on on the portfolio part! All creativity can be placed here.It’s simple, clean, easy understandable gallery.



Of course someone might want to contact you! So there is this simple form and the team, who made the website.

contacts team

Now take a look at the full layout!


web layout


It’s simple, it’s clean and clear. Colors can be adapted and all the information you need is in one page!


A few more pictures of what I’ve done.

portfolio 1st pageshadow


web design layyly


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